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Come be part of the newest and most unique runner’s group in Southeast Mass –

the Nonstop Run Club!


Hosted by a local chiropractor and a local expert running coach, Nonstop Run Club (NRC) is a FREE monthly gathering of runners (at an awesome location – more on this below) who want to run NONSTOP by doing the things that minimize the chance of injury and increase optimal performance.


  • Marc Waxman is a RRCA Certified Running Coach/ChiRunning Certified Instructor who can support all runners in areas such as training plans, technique, race strategy, hydration, nutrition, clothing, and much more.

  • Chiropractic Physician Dr. Kate Kelly focuses on optimal performance solutions and injury prevention and care through smart pre and post training warm-ups, strength training that attacks your individual weaknesses, and innovative injury treatments and injury prevention utilizing A.R.T., Graston, Dry Needling, and mobility training.


During our monthly weekend meetings Coach Marc and Dr. Kelly will ensure runners warm up and cool down with a focus on injury-prevention.  They will also regularly provide cutting edge resources for runners. 


In fact, all runners will have access to the NormaTec recovery system - a great pre- and post- race recovery system that speeds lactate clearance, reduces soreness, improves range of motion, increases FMD systematically – (arterial dilation and an indicator of vascular function) and improves blood flow in capillaries locally. The Red Sox  actually dedicate a room to Normatec and use it daily...and well....we all know what happened in 2018 to Red Sox Nation!


Our INDOOR location is located at Active Recovery Boston (right off of rte 140 in downtown Franklin) – a warm, safe place to warm up, cool down, meet, talk, and recover (and has indoor plumbing). We've designed routes of several distance so that should you need a bathroom break or gear shed, you can do so.


Our first session will be 8 AM on January 20 at Active Recovery Boston (36 East Central Street - below Hang Tai restaurant and next to Live Love Barre Studio).

To RSVP, just email!