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training options

Marc offers several coaching options with a focus on individualization.  Marc works with groups, individuals, teams, and families. 


ChiRunning Instruction: Marc is a Certified Master ChiRunning® instructor.  He can teach ChiRunning® techniques to groups as large as 15 or as small as one.  ChiRunning instruction can benefit new runners, experienced runners, and everyone in between. 


Below is an annotated list of offerings.  Please email Marc at with any questions and/or if you are interested in any of the services/opportunities.  And, of course, Marc is  happy to jump on the phone to talk about these options and figure out what best meets your needs. 


  • Virtual Coaching: Can’t make it to meet in person?  No problem.  I have the ability to coach you virtually using Zoom and an iPhone!  All you need to do is send a 30 second video and set up a time to meet “online.”

  • Introduction to ChiRunning Workshop: 3-4 hours of instruction that covers everything you need to know to get out and start ChiRunning.  (Please note that this workshop can be broken into two 1.5 hour sessions.)

  • ChiRunning Alumni Refresher Workshop: For folks who have taken an introduction workshop, but “it’s been a while.” Two hours of instruction to revisit and expand upon key ChiRunning concepts.

  • Guided Runs/Walks: For many people, the most efficient way to develop ChiRunning/ChiWalking technique is get real-time, individualized coaching.  So, go for a run side-by-side with the coach and get specific feedback. 

  • Online coaching:  Get customized training plans based on your current fitness level and running goals on a super user-friendly, online platform/app called Final Surge.  For many people, online training is highly motivational as it offers external accountability combined with expert advice.

  • Personal Record (PR) Package: Want to set a PR in an upcoming marathon, ½ marathon, or race of any distance?  This is the plan for you.  It combines a ChiRunning Introduction or Refresher Workshop, Guided Runs, and Online Training in a “secret” blend that leads to peak performance.  (Check out Rich’s and Jenn’s Success Stories.)

  • ChiTrack Workout: This is a real workout focused on increasing fitness that also explicitly teaches the “hows and whys” of pacing and interval running while integrated ChiRunning technique.

  • ChiTrail Running: Learn how to incorporate ChiRunning technique in trail environments.

  • Video Analysis: There’s nothing like seeing yourself in super slo-mo to identify where your technique needs attention.

  • ChiTreadmill: It’s that time of year when runners often move to more treadmill running.  Make sure your technique is sound by learning how to incorporate ChiRunning into your treadmill running.

  • ChiHills: Technique instruction combined with an intense workout. 

  • Student-Athlete Training Team:  Focusing on middle school and high school distance runners and soccer players, this group will meet regularly to focus on technique and fitness.  Guaranteed to improve performance in upcoming sports’ seasons.

  • Race-specific Training Team: Got a group of folks with a specific race in mind.  Get coached as a team with in-person and online supports.

  • Coaching on the Run: A one-of-a-kind approach to holistic personal development based on brain science!  Runners know some of their best thinking happens on their runs.  Why not tap into that creative flow? 

    • Coaching on the Run is executive and/or personal coaching with a creative focus. 

    • Coaching sessions occur on-the-run to maximize the creative power of running. 

    • The holistic approach coordinates the positive effects of running with mindfulness and personal mastery – the discipline of expanding the ability to create the results in life we truly seek.

    • Try your first session free!


Important Notes:

  • Customization and individualization are key to training… so please note Marc is very flexible in offering most items on the menu in different group sizes (from individual to small groups/families to large groups) as well in different combinations (i.e. ChiHills can be combined with ChiTreadmill, etc.).

  • DISCOUNTS available – the more you purchase at once the bigger the discount!

  • Don’t see a service/opportunity that you are interested in.  Just let Marc know what you are looking for, and he will work with you to co-create something new!

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