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Running training for all ages & abilities.

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ABOUt marc


Marc Waxman is the founder of 113Enterprises.


Simply, Marc's mission is to help others develop their best selves. 


At his core, Marc is a teacher.  As an education entrepreneur with almost 30 years of experience he has served in the roles of coach, teacher, school founder, school leader, executive director, and partner.


Over the past several years Marc has combined his deep education experience with his passion for health and wellness to work with people of all ages.   Marc offers services to support running , walking , and mindfulness.  He is a Certified Master ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instructor and has completed a year-long mindfulness teacher training program. 


A Worcester, Mass native, Marc now lives in Wrentham, Massachusetts with his wife Gianna and sons Caleb and Sam.  Marc has spent much of his adult life in New York City and Denver, but is happy to be back in Massachusetts. 


Marc is an avid runner with regular podium finishes.  He is especially proud of his 2:51:50 PR in the 2017 Boston Marathon and successful completion of several 50+ mile ultramarathons.

113 story

Marc on his way to a 10th place finish in the Colfax Marathon in Denver, CO

113 Story

113 - It's a growth metaphor!


One of my favorite places on Earth is Yellowstone National Park.  I have visited many times with my family and school groups.  As you travel through the park you can't help but notice large areas of lodgepole pine forests impacted by massive forest fires.  What's remarkable is all the new trees growing among the burned ones. 


It turns out that the fire itself is necessary for this new growth to occur.  The sap holding the seeds within the cones of the lodgepole pines starts to melt at 113 degrees.  Quite literally, the heat of the fire is necessary for the new growth to occur.  What could be viewed as devastating turns out to be the catalyst for something beautiful.


We can apply this principle to our own lives when we realize that opportunities for growth are all around us. 


At 113, coaching is individualized to provide just the right amount of "fire" to lead to new growth.  The “fire-cone” logo represents this concept.

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